About Us

Paradigm Trends is a design oriented manufacturer focusing on accessories for the guestroom, bar area, and bathroom. We have pioneered accessories in the retail world for over 25 years. And over the last 15 years, we have taken our trend setting experience into the hospitality world to offer our fresh point of view.

Our longstanding relationships with our factories allow us to have control over the product. Paradigm Trends manages the manufacturing process from sampling to costing to production all the way through to delivery. This process ensures that you benefit by getting the best cost and the best product with the most flexibility.

Working with our factories so closely also enables us to customize items with a simple request or sketch. There are no additional charges for customization. Paradigm Trends does not require large minimums, even on customized items. We make the entire process easy for you.

Paradigm Trends takes pride in the product and the quality that we sell. We have an office in Delhi, India and an agent in China that oversees our orders from start to finish. In addition, we offer warehouse capabilities for stock programs.

We are driven to provide quality customer service. We are accessible throughout each project and make sure to address your needs. We are here to help you.