About Paradigm Trends:

Paradigm Trends is a design-forward manufacturer founded in 1984 by Bette Lissak and has constantly been driven by the motto: good design for a good price.

Paradigm Trends was the first bath accessory merchant in metal bath, and we continue to be the most innovative in this category. With our attention to detail, application of unsurpassed finishes, and use of mixed mediums, we are the pioneers of stand alone bath accessories.

Paradigm Trends’ innovation in fresh, urban, and sophisticated design distinguishes us. Retailers come to us for our distinctive designed products, our talent of reinventing clean lines, and our ability to custom design products that meet your stores’ need. We make certain to maintain our outstanding reputation in quality with every new product we manufacture.

For the past several years we have expanded into new materials and categories. We have incorporated our design approach of vanity ensembles into new decorative accessories for entertaining, organizing, and living. We also continue to apply our design aesthetic to materials such as wood, glass, resin, and stone. You can see many of our designs at luxury hotels around the world.

We are driven to provide the best customer service and are always available to address our client’s needs.